The brand-new website is up and running!

Featuring dog training videos, timely blogs and helpful advice, this site is an absolute must for dog lovers!


Greetings dog owners! I’m very excited to launch the Wolf Methodology website, which has truly been a labor of love!

The website is designed to make it easy for you to buy and view my dog training videos, access free informative articles, learn about my dog training method – not to mention share my lifelong passion for dogs. Each video module has a detailed description to help you decide beforehand if these online videos are right for you.

Be sure to check out the Blog section where I will be offering my thoughts on dog training and other useful tips on a regular basis. This section deals with typical dog behavior problems and is provided at no cost.

I have also included a complete FAQ section to answer your most commonly asked questions. However, if you still require more information, feel free to drop me a line! Thank you for checking out my website and for sharing any feedback you may have. Enjoy your visit!

Want more dog training tips?

Based on wolf pack dynamics and a non-violent approach, my collection of seven dog training videos features key topics that every dog owner will find useful. From leash training and basic commands to food, grooming and healthcare, these courses have got you covered!

When given in person, these dog training lessons cost $750. Through my website, I’m now offering them as online videos grouped into three convenient packages: Introductory, Intermediate and Full Series!

Enjoy my dog training video collection now!