Dog training method

Wolf Methodology is a dog training program based on wolf pack dynamics. The ultimate goal is to show your dog who the real leader of the pack is – you!

Wolves are the animals whose interactions mostly closely resemble those of humans. However, instead of a family, they live in pack in which the alpha wolf (the father) is the unquestioned leader. Just like a family of siblings wolves in the pack enjoy a harmonious existence, so too can your dog in your family setting.

A dog is a domesticated wolf, which means there are many parallels between how you are able to communicate with your dog and how wolves interact with each other. While it was previously believed that wolves fight within a pack to gain dominance and that the winner is the “alpha” wolf, today we understand that most wolf packs consist of a pair of adults called “parents” or “breeders” – not “alphas” – and their offspring. A pack usually consists of seven to eight members led by the alpha wolf (the father), who will be the one that leads the group (family). They all look to the alpha wolf to bring them where there is plenty of water, food to hunt, shelter and, above all, to keep the pack safe from predators.

Wolves communicate with each other in a nonviolent manner. Other than the occasional dispute over leadership, there is no physical aggression.

Similarly, my dog training program is completely nonviolent. By applying wolf pack dynamics to dog behaviour, I have created a series of online dog training courses that will help you:

  • Use keywords and commands that work on any dog
  • Adopt a demeanor and posture that demonstrate your leadership to your dog
  • Master obedience techniques that correct undesirable canine behavior
  • Form a deeper bond with your dog
  • Give your dog a happier and more stress-free life
  • Establish good behavior as a family unit and get rid of bad habits

My virtual dog training classes will work for puppies, young dogs and all breeds from the gentle poodle to the more stubborn Doberman. It’s not true that you can’t teach an old dog a new trick. You just need a little bit more patience, but any misbehavior can be corrected.

All dogs want to please their owner and move up in the pecking order. Remember: your family is his pack and, in a family of four, Fido needs to remain at number five and not “move up the ranks,” regardless of the age of any family members. In other words, you want to keep him where he is supposed to be.

My dog training program is different than your typical basic training as I show you how to become the alpha figure and enjoy a strong, healthy connection with your four-legged friend. In no time, your pet’s behaviour will improve and your guests will look forward to having fun with your animal.

Frequently asked questions

  • What is Wolf Methodology?

    Wolf Methodology is a collection of online dog training videos by Reggie Bousquet. The videos are available for purchase as a bundle. Once the payment is completed, you will be able to come back and enjoy the videos on the website as often as you would like.

  • What is the cost of the different bundles for the online Wolf Methodology videos?

    The Full Series bundle costs $145 USD and includes all 7 dog training videos. The Introductory bundle is available for $75 USD and features 3 courses: Introduction, Choosing Your Dog, and Crate and Housetrained, while the Intermediate bundle costs $100 USD and comes with 4 courses: Training and Keywords, Basic Commands, Food, Grooming and Healthcare, and Training Potentially Dangerous Dogs. For a limited time only, the Introductory and Intermediate bundles are now available for $65 USD and $85 USD, respectively.

  • How can I purchase the videos?

    Sign up with your email and complete the purchase by following the on-screen instructions. You will then have full access to all the videos.

  • Are there any refunds?

    Unfortunately, we are not able to offer any refunds. However, we are convinced that you will find the Wolf Methodology videos invaluable for training your dog.

  • How long will the videos remain available to me?

    Once you have paid for the entire series of videos, you will always be able to access them online.

  • Will this approach work on an aggressive dog?

    Yes. In fact, there is a specific module dedicated to handling dangerous dogs.

  • Can my young children also learn Wolf Methodology?

    Yes. It is highly recommended that they do so as all family members need to send a consistent message when dealing with their dog. Note: the series provides some very helpful tips for teaching children what to do if they approach or come in front of an unknown dog.

  • Can I share these videos with my family?

    The videos can be watched when you’re signed into the website with your account. However, they cannot be downloaded.

  • Can I use these techniques with my Pit Bull?

    Yes, and in Module 7 there is a section dedicated to misconceptions that people have about Pit Bulls.