Dog training videos

Train your dog the right way!

Based on wolf pack dynamics and a non-violent approach, my collection of seven dog training videos features key topics that every dog owner will find useful. From leash training and basic commands to food, grooming and healthcare, these courses have got you covered!

When given in person, these dog training lessons cost $750. Through my new website, I’m now offering them in the form of online videos for just $145 USD. And if you order the collection before February 28, 2022, you get an additional 40% off!

Enjoy the entire collection for only $145 USD

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Frequently asked questions

  • What is Wolf Methodology?

    Wolf Methodology is a collection of online dog training videos by Reggie Bousquet. The videos are available for purchase as a bundle. Once the payment is completed, you will be able to come back and enjoy the videos on the website as often as you would like.

  • How much does the entire series of online Wolf Methodology videos cost?

    Previously, the in-person cost for this material was $775 USD. Through the website, the entire series of videos now only costs $145 USD.

  • How can I purchase the videos?

    Sign up with your email and complete the purchase by following the on-screen instructions. You will then have full access to all the videos.

  • Are there any refunds?

    Unfortunately, we are not able to offer any refunds. However, we are convinced that you will find the Wolf Methodology videos invaluable for training your dog.

  • How long will the videos remain available to me?

    Once you have paid for the entire series of videos, you will always be able to access them online.

  • Will this approach work on an aggressive dog?

    Yes. In fact, there is a specific module dedicated to handling dangerous dogs.

  • Can my young children also learn Wolf Methodology?

    Yes. It is highly recommended that they do so as all family members need to send a consistent message when dealing with their dog. Note: the series provides some very helpful tips for teaching children what to do if they approach or come in front of an unknown dog.

  • Can I share these videos with my family?

    The videos can be watched when you’re signed into the website with your account. However, they cannot be downloaded.

  • Can I use these techniques with my Pit Bull?

    Yes, and in Module 7 there is a section dedicated to misconceptions that people have about Pit Bulls.