Wolf Methodology dog training videos - Course 4

Training and Keywords

Learning objectives

This module will help you:
  • Use positive reinforcement to get fast results
  • Show your dog that you are in control at all times
  • Understand when puppies can meet other dogs
  • Stop a dog from growling at strangers
  • Grasp the four reasons why a dog won’t listen to a command: four, distraction, confusion, choice
  • Understand the importance of praise when teaching your puppy something new
  • Use the crate to correct any undesirable behavior
  • Master the use of the longline and a submissive position
How to stop a puppy from biting and growling is one of the most common concerns that new pet owners have. Training apuppy requires a great deal of patience as well as consistent and repetitive messages.

Positive reinforcement is one of the best ways to teach your dog good behavior and correct undesirable ones. For this to work, all family members must present a united front when dealing with your four-legged friend. Otherwise, you will send confusing messages to your pet.

When can puppies meet other dogs?

While it is a good idea to start socializing your puppy early, you should not bring it to a dog park before it is six months old. You don’t want your dog to have a negative experience with another dog or strangers, which may result in a distrustfulor fearful disposition that is hard to fix.

Some key facts to keep in mind:

  • Effective nonviolent dog training is based on verbal and visual communication
  • Dogs show their feeling in many ways, such as growling, showing their teeth and barking
  • Stopping a puppy from growling and biting must be addressed immediately
  • Dogs are not fighting animals by nature, but will defend their territory and protect the family
  • An average dog can remember about 150 words – and a very smart one up to300 words!
  • Dogs are predisposed to please their owner
  • When correcting a bad behavior, you need to correct the action and not the final result
  • Once a dog has successfully responded to a command three times in a row, itmeans he knows it
  • Your posture is very important for demonstrating your leadership to your puppy

Whether you are interested in when can puppies socialize with other dogs or how tostop a dog from growling at family members or strangers, this module has plenty of effective and quick solutions.

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