Dog training tips

Labrador Retriever, a perfect family companion

Tips on how to train and maintain your Lab.


Known for their curiosity, loyalty, friendliness and boundless energy, Labs are among the most popular family dogs. They also make a great hunting partner and service dog thanks to their keen sense of smell, agility and intelligence.

Due to their energetic and inquisitive nature, their training must start from an early age and be very consistent. This particular breed is highly receptive to my dog-training techniques, which are based on wolf pack dynamics. For your puppy to grow up to be a happy and a well-trained canine citizen, here are some helpful tips:

  • Socialize your Lab as early as possible with exposure to many different people, locations and sounds. Be sure to do this on a weekly basis. This regular socialization is vital for your pet's development!
  • Make sure your four-legged buddy gets plenty of exercise and outdoor time. Games like hide and seek are particularly effective at giving them a good workout. To teach your dog impulse control, see my Longline Training video.
  • Provide positive reinforcement often while maintaining a strictly non-violent training approach. Always use their name before giving any command (check out my Basic Commands video). Before long, they will excel at advanced tricks––to the delight of family and friends!
  • Keep in mind that Labs mature later than other dogs and stay playful all the way through adulthood. They require activities and stimulation each and every day!

While getting a young Lab allows you to watch your puppy grow, make sure you always use a reputable dog breeder. You might also want to consider welcoming a rescue dog into your home. These animals tend to be very loyal and devoted because you are often their second––or even third––family and they don’t want to go back to the kennel.

I've been helping people help their dogs for over 30 years. It's definitely been one of my life's passions. For more information on how to choose your dog, housetraining and healthcare tips, and more, check out my collection of online training videos.

I'm pleased to be one of the sponsors of the Specialty Show hosted by the Heart of Texas Labrador Retriever Club in November 11-13, 2022. This nonprofit club, made up of canine enthusiasts from across the great State of Texas, aims to promote and foster the public’s knowledge and appreciation of dogs with a special focus on the Labrador Retriever.

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