Dog training tips

Pit bull, the most misunderstood breed

Don’t dismiss Pit bulls – these dogs have a lot to offer!


Pit bulls are strong, obedient and agile. However, it is because of these very qualities that people used them for dog fighting, which is why they have developed a bad reputation. While their strong bite should never be taken lightly, the right training can make them very well-behaved, lovable and loyal dogs.

Many people still can’t see beyond the common myth that Pit bulls are naturally aggressive because of their fighting past. People made them fight – the dog had no choice in the matter. In fact, no dog likes to fight, and the Pit bull is no exception. Another common misconception is that they are aggressive with other cats and dogs, which is simply not true.

Over the years, I have helped dozens of families welcome and integrate Pit bulls into their homes. Here are some helpful tips:

  • Pit bulls have powerful jaws that allow them to apply around 300 pounds of pressure. An important part of their training is to teach them own their strength early on.
  • A united front is needed. In other words, patience and consistency from every member of the family is key.
  • Like all dogs, socializing and early exposure to different social situations will definitely speed up your pet’s development.
  • Pit bulls can be very tolerant and a great playing companion for young children, but adult supervision is always needed (for this, and all breeds of dogs).
  • Mental training is vital for Pit bulls. They take pride in doing tricks – and are not just in it for the treats!

With the right dedication and training, your Pit bull will grow into a great companion who will do everything to please and protect you and your family. See my video on “Training Potentially Dangerous Dogs” to get you and your canine buddy on the path to success!

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