Dog training tips

Rottweiler, a stubborn dog with a big heart

Meet the Rottweiler: A natural guard dog with a beach bum attitude!


Rottweilers are definitely not for novice pet owners. They are a strong and intense dog in need of consistent leadership from the whole family. This breed requires a lot training, but the results will definitely be worth it. For those who want more reassurance about Rottweilers, check out my video on “Training Potentially Dangerous Dogs”.

Early socialization is imperative for this breed. Exposure to a wide range of social situations should be combined with a walk in the neighborhood to teach your Rottweiler how to behave properly around people and other dogs.

From the outset, you need to show that you are the one who is in control – otherwise there is a risk your pet could become overly aggressive. The best approach is to be establish your authority over the dog without using chokers. Instead, employ respectful, non-violent and calming techniques so that your Rottweiler quickly accepts your role as leader of the pack!

As with all dogs, make sure you get your Rottweiler from a reputable breeder – and not a puppy mill. Choose a male if you want a confident and bold companion, and a female if you’re looking for a canine friend who is more affectionate and a little less stubborn.

Commitment, consistency and control are the three keys for bringing out the very best in your Rottweiler. If you put in the work, you will get a great lifelong companion and a calm protector for the entire family!

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