Dog training tips

Introducing your dog to the Christmas tree

Dogs are naturally curious and always exploring their boundaries, which, this time of year, definitely includes the Christmas tree.


Dogs are incredibly curious and naturally drawn to the colorful array of lights on the Christmas tree. Instead of reprimanding them every time they approach the tree, you need to let them explore the tree under your watchful eye – much like you would socialize your pet with a new dog at the park.

By allowing your dog to smell the tree and even lick some ornaments, you are teaching him that there is nothing edible to be had. What’s more, by verbally correcting him when he oversteps his boundaries, you are demonstrating your leadership to your canine buddy.

Your dog will eventually lose interest in the tree, which means you won’t have to worry about him swallowing a small ornament, receiving an electric shock from chewing on a wire or toppling the entire tree!

Along with your dog or puppy’s natural curiosity is a strong desire to make his owner happy. However, if you don’t pay enough attention to your four-legged friend – which happens all too often during the holidays – he will use that time to start exploring and get into trouble!

So be sure to include your dog in the festivities by playing with him, hugging him or taking him on a walk. Trust me, investing quality time in your pet is well worth the effort!

Happy holidays to you and your dogs!

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