WM at the NC Pet Expo

Another successful tradeshow for Wolf Methodology!


The weekend of August 6-7, Wolf Methodology (WM) was very pleased to take part in the NC Pet Expo – the pet lovers’ place to be! Visitors were able to shop for furry, feathered or scaly friends, participate in many activities and, of course, get some helpful advice on how to best care for their pets.

The show was a resounding success with over 5000 attendees. Loads of people dropped by the WM booth, eager to find out how to become the leader of the pack! Many of them told me that their canine buddy behaves nicely in a safe home environment, but when in an outside setting it was a completely different story. Their dog would stop listening to basic commands and completely ignored their owner. One of the reasons for this behavior is usually the anxiety caused by different stimulus – the biggest of which is fear.

I explained to people the simple way to reduce their pet’s anxiety: demonstrate to them that you are the one who is in control at all times so the dog will not have to worry about anything. These are the same types of interactions that wolves demonstrate in a pack. I enjoyed spirited conversations with owners of different breeds and suggested which WM online dog training videos would be most effective for their particular situation.

I had so much fun at the show, which featured every type of dog from Chihuahua to Belgium Malinois – not to mention dozens of adorable puppies for adoption! I met so many passionate dog enthusiasts at the WM booth and can’t wait to return for next year’s event!




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